Antonio Ottomanelli appointed FOAM TALENT 2016 with the series Big Eye Kabul and Mapping Identity


Each year, Foam organises an international Talent Call to identify young, emerging photographers under the age of 35.

Sofia Ayarzagoitia (Mexico), Juno Calypso (UK), Bubi Canal (Spain), Paolo Ciregia (Italy), Sam Contis (US), Jack Davison (UK), Nicolo Degiorgis (Italy), Katinka Goldberg (Sweden/Norway), Andrea Grützner (Germany), Samuel Gratacap (France), Maxime Guyon (France), Felicity Hammond (UK), Alexandra Hunts (Ukraine/The Netherlands), Taejoong Kim (South Korea), Nico Krijno (South Africa), Leo Maguire (UK), Stefanie Moshammer (Austria), Andrés Felipe Orjuela (Colombia), Antonio Ottomanelli (Italy), Daan Paans (The Netherlands), Louise Parker (US), Andrejs Strokins (Latvia), Ilona Szwarc (PL/US), Daisuke Yokota (Japan)

Exhibition KABUL + BAGHDAD @ CAMERA Torino Centro Italiano per la Fotografia a cura di Francesco Zanot

Kabul + Baghdad, an exhibit by Italian artist Antonio Ottomanelli (Bari, 1982).
Open from Wednesday, January 27th till Sunday, March 13th, it will be the first of a
series of exhibitions on young Italian photographers.

The solo exhibit, set up in the Center’s monumental hallway, shows a selection
of works from two of the Italian reporter’s projects: Big Eye Kabul and Mapping Identity.
The pictures have been shot in two critical scenarios, Afghanistan and Iraq, and are a
testament to the urgent need of keeping a more detached eye on what is happening,
in order to put in a renovation effort in places where destruction has long taken hold.



White Hole is a new research platform and a project space in Genoa, Italy, which
opened on January 31st, 2015, and will run until January 31st, 2016. White Hole is a
project by Lorenza Baroncelli, Marco Ferrari, Joseph Grima, Antonio Ottomanelli and
Elisa Pasqual, in collaboration with Simone C. Niquille and Fitzgerald G. Saenger.

White Hole is a platform devoted to the production and dissemination of critical
investigations into the relationship between technology, authority, the landscape and
everyday life. It operates as a platform through which an international network of
contributors and researchers can investigate, document and debate the forces —
visible and invisible — that shape the contemporary landscape. Inspired by the
astrophysical concept of the white hole, a theoretical object of spacetime which is
inaccessible from the outside, the gallery itself cannot be entered although matter
and light can escape from it. Its primary function is to project critical debate —
increasingly confined to the online realm — into the public domain. The space does
not have opening hours and can be visited at any time

Thanks to datadreamer, who rendered the forces of gravity and magnetism
into beautiful code, we now have an animated logo on our homepage! da White Hole su Venerdì 6 febbraio 2015

THE THIRD ISLAND - Ag 64' 94' 14'

exhibit at

La Biennale di Venezia - MONDITALIA


Mapping Identity, Baghdad exhibit at The Research Gallery of the Master's Program in
Integrated Design, at the Design Faculty of HIT
the Holon Institute of Technology; Holon, Israel.

Curated by Dr. Yael Eylat Van-Essen, Dr. Dror K. Levi



COLLATERAL LANDSCAPE exhibit at Triennale di Milano


DOMUS 966 FRONT COVER - Re Reading Gaza


About MAPPING IDENTITY @Istanbul Design Biennial

Mapping Identity from istanbuldesignbiennial on Vimeo.

fragments of landscape on the post war recontruction borders

critical introduction by Eugenio Alberti Shatz :

"Not many Italian photographers move in the theaters of war. And when the photographer in question is not a reporter looking for a scoop but a photographer and architect who has long investigated the evolution of the urban fabric under the effects of destruction or crisis factors, this circumstance is worthy of note. Ottomanelli goes into the hot spots of the conflict to tell the rubble, the war, but also the yards, the emptiness, the difficulty of starting again, the dictatorship of a flattened and approved aesthetic, the empty mould of war that hangs as a phantom limb. His diptychs are the crossroads of stories, news, data (and in fact Ottomanelli displays images along with true stories). In his rarefied and reflective landscapes, thin human figures are the witnesses who question themselves about the meaning of things. We are far from elegy of destruction, and neighbors instead of a lucid exploration of the mechanisms by which human community absorb shocks. Glossy but never predictable or cold. Addressing social issues for Ottomanelli does not mean giving up the enchantment and metaphysics, which spring from his powerful work. The status of his images and constantly being redefined. In some cases becomes postcards from the future, a future post-something, post-anything, that we can not like, but we can not remove. Their strength lies in not only be a document for the archives of memory, or a mirror of contemporary transformations, but also sometimes be a prophecy of the future. When photograph succeeds, is a state of grace."

PANORAMIOanalogic installation at the Istanbul Design Biennial


On Domus web SUBENDO city #1 – Sao Paulo -07 | 2012

Sao Paulo contends with New York for the largest number of helicopters private transport:
235 helipontos
85 licensed
In Sao Paulo, the one who got the means, moves lifted up from the ground.

Were would you go if you had an helicopter?

city #1 Sao Paulo | SUBENDO | novos helipontos publicos em Sao Paulo | project by Antonio Ottomanelli, Paola villani and the Bela Vista Barrio inhabitants

S U B E N D O is a guerrilha design photography project realized during a workshop in collaboratio with: NovOlhar social welfare center - SeHab da cidade de Sao Paulo – Sao Paulo Calling - IRA-C

SUBENDO is an ongoing project and Sao Paulo is the first city we chose.

Next cities: Tripoli, New York, Baghdad

follow SUBENDO fb page

Behind SUBENDO Rua Paim 235


SUBENDO Project by Antonio Ottomanelli
Paola Villani
Bela vista Barrio Inhabitants

in collaboration with:
NovOlhar social welfare center - Sao Paulo Calling - SeHab da cidade de Sao Paulo – IRA-C

Domus 958 photoessay - 05 | 2012

Great Baghdad Garden



Mapping IdentityIs a project realized between November 2011 and February 2012, during a Workshop carried out with the contribution of the University of Baghdad - Fine Arts Faculty.


MAPPING IDENTITY Project by Antonio Ottomanelli

with the students of the Fine Arts Faculty Baghdad:
Ali majed - Muslim Aqeel Hassan - Noor Abid Ali - Sarmad Sabar Abid - Noor aladdin Mohamed - Mohammed Bassim - Meden Kadhem - Ali Sabar Hardan


Paola Villani: technical consultancy in Italy
Lucio Ruvidotti: graphic and editing consultancy in Italy
Texts translation from Arabic language by: Saad Abdul Wahab

Sao Paulo Calling - Baghdad - 02 | 2012

Promoted by the Segretaria de Habitaçao and curated by Stefano Boeri, São Paulo Calling is a multiform initiative, lasting from January to June 2012, that will take us to discover how some of the poorest corners of the world coexist with the most incredible endeavours, to confront informal settlements, and to weave together some of the best fragments created by those who walk, live, transform and govern the city.


Baghdad zoo - 10 | 2011


the third Baghdad - 07 | 2011

August 2011. Long waiting times, motor-generators noise, and still waiting for the electricity. Baghdad: a space that does not express neither the power nor submission to power. Fragments from the third Estate landscape. What Is The Third Estate? - Everything. What Has It Been Until Now In The Political Order? - Nothing. What Does It Want To Be? Something